1. After signing in into the Midax Web GUI, you should double check if your User is assigned to the right Merchant.

2. Click on the “EFT Cards” tab.

3.Click on the Person Icon to create new customer.



4. If the Gift Cards you are about to create should not be assigned to a specific person, leave the search fields empty and click the “Search” button.




5 A “Create New ” button will appear. Click it to create new customer.



6.  Click on the Card Icon to create new cards for the customer.




7. Select the Gift Card Template you would like to use for the gift cards.

8. In the “Cards count” field, you should specify the number of cards you would like to create.

9. Set the first card# from the range in “First number”.

10. It will automatically calculate the last card# based on the first card # + the Cards count.

11. The New Gift Cards will be created under the merchant specified in the “Merchant” field.

12. Please check the checkbox for “New customer for each”, if you would like to create a separate customer for each gift card.

13. Usually the Gift Cards use a “Number format” = With Check Digit by default.

* When you are done setting the ranges and number of cards, you should click on the “Create Cards” button to start the process.




14. After the process of creating the new Gift Cards is finished, a popup window will appear showing you some details about the cards you just created. You should hit “OK”.




15. Get the last Gift Card # and enter it into the search field.

16. Make sure the “Search by card number” is selected.

17. Hit the “Search” button to start searching for this card#.

18. Remember, you just created the new card, but it is not active!

19. The amount of funds the card currently has in it.

* Please remember, creating huge card ranges can sometimes fail if the HQ is overloaded at the time.

* We advice creating the cards in smaller batches (5000 cards) at a time.

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