Providing Remote Support Access via TeamViewer

If you'd like to provide remote access to a machine for Midax Support, please follow these steps on the machine you'd like us to access:


1. Download TeamViewer Host here.


2. Double-click the downloaded executable.


3. Press "Next" on the first prompt



4. Select "company/commercial use" on the second prompt and press "Next".



5. Accept the license agreement and press "Next".



6. On the next prompt, enter a password that you will need to provide to Midax Support for accessing the machine, and press "Finish". Password can NOT be BLANK.



7. TeamViewer will generate a machine ID that you will also need to provide to Midax Support. Remember it or write it down, and press OK.



8. That's it. We should have unatended remote access to the machine now. Please call us at 1-800-6432-991 to let us know the machine ID and password for the machine (you set these up at steps 6 and 7). Alternatively, you can write an email to

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