Gift card creation and activation with CRC

Gift card creation using CRC



  1. You will have to find the customer on which you want to create the cards
  2.  Click  the button “Action

A new menu will appear

      3. Click the “Create Card ” button


If there is no such customer  in the database you will have to create the customer

  1. Click the “New Customer” button in the upper part of the window.
  2. In the “Create New Customer” dialog box enter the data for the customer (2)  
  3. Click on Refresh button (3), which will check if the customer already exists in the system                   




4A. Click on the Add button to create the new customer.

5A.There is a button to cancel the operation







After you create the new user you will have to have to find him with search click the action button and in the new menu click the create like steps 1..3.

 When you click the “Create new card” button a menu will appear. You can select different types of template as well as different kind of creation algorithms .

4. Select the template with which you want to create the cards.

5. Enter how much cards you want to create

6.Select the algorithm

7.Eneter the first card number. The last card will generate automatically

8 Save the changes




9. Click the “Action” button

10. From the additional menu you click “Group Card Activation”






A new menu will pop up “Group card activation”

11. enter the number of cards you want activate

12. Select the type of the Usage and enter the amount  of dollars for each cards

13. Enter the firs card . The last card will generate automatically

14. Save the changes.



If you want to check the result you enter one of the card range and you will see the Enabled Usage  “The cards is active”  the amount as well as the template from which it was created.







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