Merging Customer Information (Bad Checks)

1.You have to go to Midax EFT Management and then click the customer icon.


2. You have to look for the specific customer. For doing this merge you have to have several records for the same person. You can move , Bad checks or cards from one record to another (or merging the information from the records ) .First we will stop on how to move Bad checks.


3. You have to select the Bad check. Before selecting the check you will see “+Bad checks” . When you click on “+Bad checks” you will see “-Bad checks” end a list of Bad checks. If you don’t click on “+Bad checks” , and you don’t select a Bad check you will not see any additional menus .



4 After clicking on”+Bad checks”you will see numbers , dates and cash values,those are the real checks . You select the check you want . After selecting the check you want , you will see aditional menues .

5. Aditional menues.


You still have to know that this is done only when you have similar record for one customer .

6. In the aditional menue you have to click “Actions” . After clicking on “Actions ” you will see a button “Move bad check to” .

7. After clicking the button “Move bad check to” a new list of customers will show up.



8. In the new list of customers you have to find the customer whose data you want to merge.



9. Finding the customer .

Record from which you are moving the data.

Record , in which you are moving the data (you can select the record by clicking on it with the mouse).

10. Agreeing with the changes.




As a result , from the previous actions the “Bad check ” is moved .






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