Setting User Hooks in StoreLine for Midax Loyalty

In order for Midax Loyalty to work, you need the Midax wpeft.dll and wphook.dll installed in the /drv32 subfolder of StoreLine at each lane (default location C:\Program Files\StoreLine\WinPos\drv32). In order for the .dll-s to process sales data, there's a set of user hooks that need to be enabled in StoreLine.

Here's a full list of the user hooks that should be enabled in StoreLine Office for Midax ISS-45 Loyalty:

Launch StoreLine Office and log in as an administrator user

Navigate to System Administration\General System Parameters\General System Parameters\Store'POST\Operational\Post User Hooks


Set the following User Hooks to "Yes":

User Hooks in System
Hook at End of Transaction
Hook After Total Key is Pressed
Hook Before PLU Read
Hook After PLU Read
Hook After PLU Completion
Hook After Department Completion
Hook After Tender Completion
User Hook Functions
After Frequent Shopper Entry Hook



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